Canon DR-X10Cii Scanner

The NEW Canon
DR-X10Cii Scanner

Now with Kofax VRS Software and built-in Kofax CGA Board for faster image processing.

Bring high-volume scanning to the workplace with the Canon imageFORMULA DR-X10C II production document scanner.

130 Pages per Minute / 260 IPM in Color/B-W

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Fast Speed for Production Scanning
The DR-X10Cii scanner is capable of maintaining impressive scanning speeds of up to 130 pages per minute and 260 images per minute,* in color, grayscale, or black-and-white, due in part to the built-in Kofax CGA Board.. This Board can handle multiple image processing functions simultaneously, virtually independent of connected PC performance. To support these speeds, fast connectivity is offered with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and SCSI III ports. This hardware solution will deliver the full advantages of VRS image enhancement capabilities, as well as improved scanning speed and productivity.
Outstanding Canon Image Quality
The DR-X10Cii scanner introduces the industry’s first dust-free scanning system. A revolutionary three-step approach helps prevent dust particles from accumulating and adhering to the sensor glass, resulting in clearer images and minimized manual cleaning. Uniform, consistent images are captured with utmost precision and clarity—at up to 600 dpi—due to Canon’s advanced image processing features, which include Automatic Shading Mechanism and Three-Dimensional Color Correction.
Reliable, Flexible Document Handling
The DR-X10Cii scanner delivers smooth, jam-free feeding of a wide variety of document sizes, from business cards up to 11" x 17", or even 22" x 34" in Folio Mode.*** And batch scanning preparation time is reduced with the industry’s first dedicated page size and skew detection sensor, a new five-level user-adjustable Active Separation Torque controller, and Staple Detection feature. For further flexibility, the DR-X10Cii scanner is equipped with three user-adjustable Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection sensors to correctly batch-scan documents with attached photographs or notes. Plus, a Double-Feed Retry mechanism—which reverses documents and attempts to feed them again—and Canon’s Rapid Recovery System ensure the DR-X10Cii scanner’s superior, reliable, and flexible document handling.
Superior Durability
The DR-X10Cii scanner features a robust design, including a solid body and durable roller system to handle the demands of high-volume production scanning. And the scanner is rated at a daily duty cycle of 60,000 scans, superior performance for this price range.
canon dr-x10cii scanner production
As a hardware standalone, the DR-X10C II scanner is capable of scanning at up to 130 ppm in color, black and white, and grayscale, plus both sides of an item in a single pass. The addition of the Kofax CGA Board enhances the DR-X10C II scanner’s existing image processing features and, when combined with Kofax VRS software, helps ensure the highest maximum scan quality and speed for converting documents into searchable electronic files. With both Kofax VRS and the Kofax CGA board, high image quality can be enhanced and maintained for scanned documents. Features such as the VRS Interactive viewer allow users to view and adjust image quality at different times during the scan workflow, flexible for user proofing and creating manual modifications along the way. Other image processing features include increased clarity and sharpness, smoothing out of background colors, and thickening the lines of elements that can help improve legibility on hard- to-read documents. Other image processing features, such as recognizing text orientation, automatically detecting color, and auto adjustment for brightness and contrast, help provide superb reproduction quality
Easy To Use and Maintain
Select from programmable pre-registered Scan-To-Job buttons, check displayed messages, and select scanner settings, using the intuitive control panel on the DR-X10Cii scanner. The feeding tray even opens automatically when the scanner is powered on. The DR-X10Cii scanner also features an ergonomic, compact, and lightweight design that adds to the operator’s handling comfort, and includes user-replaceable feed rollers for easy maintenance .
A Smart Investment
The DR-X10Cii scanner offers enhanced sensor technology and a reliable feeding system to ensure that high volumes of mixed paper sizes or other challenging scan operations are handled with minimal operator intervention at maximum scanning speed. Plus, the robust, compact design, energy-saving performance, and advanced functionality tackle the high demands of any production-level environment .

* Examples based on typical settings, rated in pages/images per minute with letter-sized documents at 200 dpi, landscape feeding direction. Actual processing speeds may vary based on PC performance and application software.

*** Up to 22" x 39.4" using Folio and Long Document Mode.

Additional Features:

  • Auto Color Detection
  • Auto USB power switching
  • Auto Paper Size Detection
  • Batch Separation
  • Custom Color Drop out/Enhance color
  • Deskew
  • Pre-scan
  • Folio
  • Moiré Reduction
  • MultiStream
  • Prevent Bleed-Through/Remove Background
  • Punch hole removal
  • Rapid recovery system
  • Skip Blank Page
  • Text Orientation Recognition
  • Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection (3 sensors)
  • Dust Countermeasures

Download the PDF brochure

Canon DR-X10Cii scanner

Download the PDF brochure

Document Feeding Automatic or Manual
Document size

Width: 2.0"– 12"

Length: 2.8" – 39.4"


Automatic-feeding: 14 - 64 lb.

Feeder Capacity 500 Sheets (LTR)
Grayscale 8-bit
Color 24-bit
Scanning Element 3 Line CMOS Contact Image Sensor
Light Source RGB LED
Operating Modes Simplex, Duplex, Color, Grayscale, Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement I & II
Color Dropout Custom
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Output Resolution 100/150/200/240/300/400/600 dpi
Scanning Speeds* Simplex Duplex
    Black and White/ Color/Grayscale 130 ppm 260 ipm
Interface SCSI-III and High-Speed USB 2.0
Scanner Drivers ISIS/TWAIN for Windows ® Vista/7/8/10
Dimensions 14.8" x 20.8" x 22.2"
Weight 85.8 lb.
Power Consumption 125W or less (Energy Saving Mode: 4.2W)
Daily Duty Cycle 60,000 Scans
Bundled Software ISIS/Twain Drivers
Capture Perfect ® 3.0
Other Features
  • 3 Sensor Ultra Sonic Double Feed Detection
  • Staple Detection
  • Selectable Background Color
  • Dust Countermeasures
  • Auto USB power Switching
  • Auto Color Detection
  • Automatic Page size Detection
  • Deskew
  • Batch Separation
  • Long Document Mode (up to 39.4")
  • Folio Mode
  • Custom Color Dropout
  • MultiStream
  • Re-Try Feeding
  • 3 Position Paper Feeding Tray

Download the PDF brochure

Canon DR-X10Cii Accessories

Canon Barcode Module Software

Canon bar code software
Download the Bar Code Module MANUAL (14 pages) PDF
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$ 99
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Patchcode Decoder

Canon patch code decoder
(requires professional installation)

Your Price
$ 495
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Imprinter for post scan imprinting
Canon scanner post scan imprinter
(requires professional installation)
Your Price
$ 630
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Imprinter for pre scan imprinting

(requires professional installation)
Your Price
$ 630
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Canon Professional Installation of the Above Imprinter
Canon scanner installation
Your Price
$ 295
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Canon Professional Installation and Training
on your new scanner
Canon scanner installation
Your Price
$ 495
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Flatbed 101 A4 Size 8.5"x14" flatbed
Canon scanner flatbed
List Price
$ 495
Your Price
$ 379
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Canon CarePak Warranty

This scanner comes with a 90 day warranty.
Protect your investment with a 9 month or 12 month warranty extension from Canon.

Canon 9 month on site service contract
(includes Parts,Labor,Travel)
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$ 1796
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Canon 9 month on site service contract AND 1 Periodic Maintenance (includes PM, Parts,Labor,Travel,Training) Your Price
$ 2274
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Canon 12 month on site service contract
(includes Parts,Labor,Travel)
Your Price
$ 2395
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Canon 12 month on site service contract AND 1 Periodic Maintenance (includes PM, Parts,Labor,Travel,Training) Your Price
$ 2873
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Canon Consumable Kit
DR-X10Cii model
Exchange Roller Kit*
Your Price

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*Rollers feed the paper, the paper & ink glazes the rollers and the rollers will need to be end-user replaced. These are the rollers.

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