Large Format Scanners

contex large format scanners

ScanTastik is an authorized reseller of Contex Large Format Scanners and have been since 2001.

There are a lot of "low" price advertisers on the web that do not understand large format scanner configurations and pricing. They price scanners "Unactivated".

The Activation license prices run from $300 to $7,000.


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Large Format Scanners

Scanner Series Description
HD iFlex flatbed
HD iFlex Flatbed
an 18"x24" flatbed scanner that can scan up to 24"x36" when folded and image-merged.
Convenience (Occasional use)
SD One Plus with stand
SD One Plus 24" & 36" Series
Affordable Desktop Scanners
starting from $2795
Convenience & Precision
IQ Quatro 2490 scanner
IQ 2490 Model
High resolution 24" scanner starting at $3895
Precision (Frequent use)
IQ Quatro 4450 scanner
IQ 3600 Series
High resolution 36" scanners
Up to 1200 dpi.
Starting from $4395
IQ Quatro 4450 scanner
IQ 4400 Series
High resolution 44" scanners
Up to 1200 dpi.
Starting from $5895
Productivity (High Volume Use)

HD Ultra Series
36" & 42" Crisp, clear images, thick documents, high speed scanning and upgradeable..
Starting from $6495
When you need the best:
HD 5450 Plus scanner
HD 5400 Series
For those needing fast scans and a large scanning area.The 54" wide format capacity
HD 5450Plus

Prices subject to change without notice, read sales terms here.