Panasonic KV-S8147 scanner

Panasonic KV-S8147 scanner

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Up to 140 ppm/280 ipm, High Speed, Color, Duplex Scanner

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Speed is the only function difference!

  • 750-page automatic document feeder
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Stapled Document Detection
  • Intelligent double feed detection
  • Intelligent Feed Control
  • Harware Image Processing
  • Digital Imprinter
  • Optional Pre/Post Imprinter
  • 100,000 documents/day (daily duty cycle)

Watch the 4 minute detailed video:

kv-s5046h scanner video

Panasonic KV-S8147 Scanner Series


Offering a stunning array of performance, efficiency and reliability, Panasonic's KV-S8147 high volume production scanner is optimized for deployment in organizations with heavy volumes of paperwork. With the ability to scan virtually any type of document, from business cards to12x17" paper, the KV-S8147 is an essential solution for any organization with a steady flow of scanning.

Beyond standard documents, the KV-S8147 also features the ability to scan continuous documents of unlimited length such as EKG reports or well logs. The KV-S8147's extensive hardware elements are further maximized by a range of available software options. With the ability to purchase the unit bundled with either Panasonic's powerful "Image Capture Plus" or Kofax's advanced "VRS Elite Workgroup", the scanner will handle precision document reproduction and versatile image processing with ease.

Panasonic KV-S8147 Scanner
Main Features

  • 750-page automatic document feeder
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Stapled Document Detection
  • Intelligent double feed detection
  • Intelligent Feed Control (input)
  • Harware Image Processing
  • Digital Imprinter
  • Optional Pre/Post Imprinter
  • 100,000 documents/day (daily duty cycle)
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Stapled Document Detection

Both the KV-S8127 & the KV-S8147 feature Staple Detection

Multiple sensors are used to detect various types of stapled documents, and to immediately stop the scanner when stapling is detected. This minimizes damage to both the document and the optical glass.

Corner Staples

Bottom staples

Top Staples

Side Staples

Even when documents are set in different directions, this function detects the direction of the scanned text and automatically rotates the document into the correct direction. This boosts work efficiency by eliminating the need to change the direction of each page in advance when scanning large quantities of documents with various sizes and directions.

750 Page ADF

A large capacity ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is an essential part of any scanning experience. Users simply place up to the allotted document capacity into the ADF in the tray and start the scan job. This allows for an easily managed scan process, and saves users time by eliminating the need to individually feed pages one by one through the scanner.

Mixed Size Document Feeding

The ability to handle "Mixed Size Document Feeding" is an essential feature for any situation in which the scanner user may encounter the need to scan a multitude of different sized documents. This helps save time by feeding documents of varied sizes at the same time, from business cards to the maximum document size, without the hassle of having to continuously stop the scanning process to adjust settings or guiderails.

Double-Feed Prevention Roller

Ensuring reliable scanning of large amounts of documents, the "Double-Feed Prevention Roller" helps prevent scanning mis-feeds. Assisting the document feeding process, the double-feed prevention roller separates the feeding documents from the second sheet onward. This reduces, and ultimately helps to prevent the number of occurrences of sheets coming through as a double-feed.

Long Paper Mode

The highly reliable paper feed mechanism quickly and accurately scans long documents. This function boosts work efficiency by smoothly scanning long monitoring sheets, like those used for EKG documents. Documents of unlimited length can be scanned as a single image.


Curved or Straight Paper Path

To provide scanner users with the most versatile scanning environments, the user has the choice to utilize a "Curved or Straight Paper Path". While the typical output via the curved path outputs to an output tray at the front of the unit, the user can choose to utilize a straight path which outputs straight through to the rear of the unit. The choice to utilize the straight paper path ensures high reliability with thick or long paper. The possibilities for both usage and installation location are almost unlimited as a result of this feature.

Easy User Maintenance

Panasonic scanners are designed with the comfort and ease of use of the scanner user in mind. The clamshell design allows for full, easy access to the main paper path for Easy User Maintenance. This allows scanner users to effortlessly clear the occasional paper jam, clean the unit or replace the rollers without having to call a service technician

panasonic kv-s8147 scanner

Imprinter Option Available

With the "Imprinter Option Available", this scanner accessory can be mounted to the scanner and used to print a string of characters on documents. The imprinter is beneficial in helping to raise filing efficiency and reliability, as well as ensuring that documents are processed correctly post scanning.

What's a Pre-imprinter ?
The pre-imprinter prints text on the surface of a document before its image is scanned so the text data is included in the scanned image data.
"CASE#: ABC-1234"
What's a post-imprinter ?
The post-imprinter prints text on the back side of a document after its image is scanned so the text data is NOT included in the scanned image data "scanned 1-1-2013"

Auto Erasure Security

Scanning situations requiring the highest levels of security are benefitted by Auto Erasure Security. Scanners featuring this high security technology automatically erase all data from the scanner's built-in memory. This feature helps secure against data leaks and aids in preventing hardware hacking.

Other Functions INCLUDED

Barcode Detection, Patch Code Detection, Automatic document separation, and Control sheet functions are included with the scanner.

Patch code sheets are entered amongst a stack of documents. For example, you can use the patch code sheet to change the scanner "mode" settings from Black & White to Color mode & then back again. Great when you have photos at the end of each file folder to scan in color. No separate batches needed !

Image Capture Plus Software

Bundled standard with all Panasonic Scanners, the Panasonic Image Capture Plus Software is your ultimate capture solution. Featuring a wealth of image processing functionality, it ensures that you have the tools necessary to handle virtually any scanning requirement. Features of the Panasonic Image Capture Plus software include: Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Automatic Image Emphasis, Zonal OCR, Automatic Binary/Color Distinction, Double Exposure, Blank Page Removal, Automatic Crop, Automatic Deskew, MultiStream, Dynamic Threshold, Multi-Color Dropout, Hole Removal, Background Smoothing, 2-Page Separation, Multi-Crop, and more.

Kofax® VRS Elite Software

For environments where the Kofax® Virtual Rescan Elite Software is required, Panasonic also offers the Panasonic KV-S8127 scanner bundled with the Kofax® VRS software. Panasonic scanners that include the VRS software bundle are designated with a (-V) at the end of the model number. The Kofax® VRS Elite software provides a variety of advanced scanner applications such as: Device Health Monitor, Centralized Licensing, Profiles and Customizable User Interface, and more.


KV-S8127 Scanner Specifications

Scan Modes

Simplex / Duplex
Rated Speed KV-S8127:
Landscape: 120/240 (B/W & Color 200/300 dpi)
ADF Size 750 pages
Scanning Method Contact Image Sensor Technology
Image Output B/W, Grayscale,Color,Multi-stream
Paper Scanning Sizes Min.: 1.9" x 2.75"
(CW Model) Max.: 12.09" x unlimited
Paper Scan Weights U-Turn Path: 5.2-68 lbs.
Manual Path: 5-146 lbs.
Maximum Resolution 600 dpi optical (interpolated up to 1200 dpi)
Daily Duty Cycle 100,000 pages
Double Feed Detection Ultrasonic Sensor (3)
Color Dropout Red, Green, Blue & Multi Color
Also Included: Quick Installation Guide, Power cord, USB 3.0 Cable, Panasonic Software CD-ROM, Double Feed Prevention Roller, Shading Paper and Attachment Guide.
Image Controls: Barcode Detection, Length Control, Patch Code Detection (Ttype 2, 3, T), Double Feed Skip, Double Feed Retry (KV-S8147 only), Mechanical Deskew (KV-S8147 only), Acoustic Jam Detection, 100 Programmable Work-flows
Interface USB 3.0
Other Functions Barcode Detection, Length Control, Patch Code Detection (Ttype 2, 3, T), Double Feed Skip, Double Feed Retry (KV-S8147 only), Mechanical Deskew (KV-S8147 only), Acoustic Jam Detection, 100 Programmable Work-flows
Imprinter Model Option Post or Pre-Scan KV-SS014
Weight 98 Lbs.
External Dimensions 21.5"W x 18.7" D x 17.1" H
Warranty 6 months on site

Panasonic Parts and Kits

Roller Cleaning Paper

To ensure optimal scanning performance, the paper feed rollers should be cleaned once a week or when 20,000 sheets or more are fed in the unit. Simply feed these sheets through the rollers to clean them !
For ALL Panasonic scanner models
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Roller Kit
For the KV-S81X7 Series
600,000 pages
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Pre or Post Scan Imprinter Unit
KV-S8127/8147 Series
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Imprinter Cartridge KV-SS021
KV-S8127/8147 Series
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Flatbed scanner Your Price
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Warranty Upgrades
This model comes with a 6 Month
Next Business Day (NBD) on site warranty

Upgrade to 12 Month NBD On site Repair Warranty.
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Upgrade to 36 Month NBD On site Repair Warranty with 3 Cleanings Your Price
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